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 What does Eezy United offer you?

We combine the best of sports to your business

We believe that athletes are the champions of working life. We believe that the best performers in working life have an understanding of what it takes to succeed through sport.
Sport prepares individuals for working life in a unique way. It teaches endurance, modesty and resilience, as well as the ability to work in a team - athletes can lead both themself and others.
Sports have also taught the importance of high work ethic and fair play. Athletes are used to taking on challenges in every game, every competition.

Transferable skills from Sports

Goal oriented.

Athletes always strive to give their best and exceed expectations. They are inherently competitive and it is also visible in the workplace.

Strong work ethic.

Achieving goals in sport requires a strong commitment to work. Athletes are solution-minded and don’t give up easily. 


Athletes understand the importance of collaboration, but are also used to taking responsibility and ownership of their own work, while respecting common goals and the interests of the team. 

Time management.

Many athletes study or have studied alongside sports. The days of an athlete are carefully scheduled, so good time management is a familiar thing and almost a mandatory skill.

Sense of responsibility.

Through sport, one learns that everyone is responsible for themselves and their own choices. Success does not come by itself, in sports, responsibility cannot be forced, but it teaches to bear it. 

Mental strength.
Working under pressure is familiar to athletes and they are used to having high expectations. 


Athletes are not afraid of challenges. They are used to being in an area of discomfort. Difficult situations and how to overcome them are familiar to the athlete and they know how to turn adversity into self-development and a place of growth.

Reception . 

Athletes have a strong desire to learn new things and to develop. They are used to receiving constructive feedback.

Critical thinking. 

In each sport, the analysis of one's own performance or games is a very important role. The athlete has a built-in need to think about how things could be done even better next time. Problem-solving is of great importance in sport, and this attitude is also very useful in working life.

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Account Manager
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