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Sivulla kerrotaan tarkemmin mitä eväste on ja mitä tietoja keräämme ja tallennamme.


Mikä on eväste?

What is a cookie?  


A cookie is a small text file that can be delivered to your terminal via a service and a website. Eezy's websites and services use cookies so that we can serve you as well as possible. 

When you visit Eezy's websites and services, we may set cookies in your browser that are necessary for the operation of the site and the service. Necessary cookies must always be accepted in order to guarantee the functionality of the website and the service. In addition, we can use e.g. marketing and analytics-based cookies. 

When you visit our website and services, you can either allow all cookies or continue to use only those necessary cookies. You can delete the cookie stored on your terminal at any time in the browser settings.

The use of cookies will not be visible to you during the session and will not strain your terminal.  


What information do we collect and store?  


Our websites and services use cookies or other similar technologies to collect and store information related to your terminal or use of our service, such as which page you accessed from our website and service, which browser you use or when and which sections you have browsed.  


How do we use cookies?  


Cookies collect information that we use e.g. for marketing and statistical purposes, such as tracking visitor traffic.  

Cookies allow us to process, for example, the number of users of the website and the service, and other information related to the use of the service. The information obtained can be used to analyze and develop our operations to make you better and more individual. In addition, the information we collect allows us to target marketing that is likely to be of interest to you in the service and outside the service, for example, through retargeting.


Third Party Services We Use:  


Google Tag Manager is a service for reading customer browser information. The service collects e.g. the processing and reading of browser data. Learn more  from here

We will retain your information for the duration of the session, depending on the retention period of the service associated with it (Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel).  

Google Analytics is a website analytics and performance measurement service. The service collects e.g. the following information; unique identifier and where you came to our site, how long you stay on the site, what links you open. Learn more about Google Analytics  from here

We retain data received through Google Analytics for 2 years and will not be disclosed to third parties. 

Facebook Pixel is a service created on Facebook to target and measure advertising. The service collects e.g. an identified anonymized random identifier. More about Facebook Pixel  from here .

We retain information for the duration of the session and Facebook collects information for independent use. 

Eezy is not responsible for the processing of third party data, cookies or other tracking technologies. In these cases, the third parties' own privacy policies and terms of use apply. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of third parties (Google, Facebook).


Who can you contact?  


For questions and inquiries regarding data protection and the use of cookies, please contact us primarily by e-mail

Välttämättömät evästeet (Essential Cookies)

Essential cookies

Markkinointievästeet (Marketing Cookies)

Marketing Cookies

Toiminnalliset evästeet (Functional Cookies)

Functional Cookies

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