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Eezy United - The Story

How did it all start?

This is how Antti-Jussi Niemi explains the idea: "We noticed in our immediate circle that employment after the sports career is not always easy, even if the former athletes are motivated and determined people. We also considered the need for a service that could easily combine an active sports career and work.​


Against this background, a staffing and recruitment company tailored for athletes was created. With the help of excellent networks and Eezy Ltd, Eezy United is able to select the best professionals from the fields to companies and identify the potential of athletes in non-competitive life. The life of an athlete is disciplined. If you have invested your time in your sport since you were young, you may not have a Plan B. The sports career inevitably ends somewhere, and you need to search for a job, but little or no “ordinary” work experience in the CV. On the other hand, companies need a motivated, targeted workforce.  

"We want to help companies realize the potential of athletes. There is potential, whether it's a successful elite athlete or an junior athlete in need of extra income." Athletes have defining qualities that are also highly valued in the world of work: high morales, self-efficacy and determination. "

- Jarkko Ruutu



Set of values

The Arena of success

From Sports to Working Life




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