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Writing your CV

When looking for a job, it is important to be able to differentiate yourself from other applicants, especially if you are applying for jobs that often have many applicants.

Here are some tips to help you.

Some things to remember!​

  • Make an effort to make your CV look good => a good CV is visual, clear, informative and easy to read.

  • Add a short introductory text about yourself to the very beginning! The purpose of the introductory text is to introduce yourself to the reader => a good first impression is made in the introductory text!


  • Write down your skills, regardless of whether the skills are based on work experience or hobbies. Reflect on and write down on paper what skills you have acquired through your sport or hobbies.

  • Have you accumulated leadership experience in scouting, teamwork skills in team sports, or communication and photography skills by writing a blog or filming and editing videos? Make sure to write them down!


  • Describe the work you have done with a few lines, not just as a listing and use the “I did, directed, planned” format.

  • List your strengths and what motivates you! Not sure about? Ask a friend or your coach what they think. 


  • CV photo:

1. Choose a good picture, it's a good a good way to make a good first impression!
2. Be yourself, don't overdo it!
3. Make sure you take the photo with good light!
4. Try taking photos from different angles to find out what works the best!
5. Choose a calm background, so the focus is on you not what's behind you!

  • Always save and send your CV in pdf -format.

  • Free CV templates can be found online (eg or you can also ask us for customizable templates!

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